sunnuntaina, helmikuuta 22, 2015

Sini Solina's first Gran Prix

I had my second show with Sini Solina this weekend. On the first day we had intermediaire II where Solina got a bit tense in the canter tour and we made some mistakes. We got 66,44% and were on the third place.
On the second day we had our first Gran Prix. Solina feld good during the hole test and specially the trot half-passes and passage were really good. She also did the canter zikzak very good which we can't train as a hole movement at home because our indoor is not long enough. And we still need to work on our passage-piaffe-passage-transitions but for the first test I'm really happy! I was even happier when I heard our score: 69,2%!!! And it got even better because with that score we also won the class! Unbelievable!!! I didn't expect that kind of a start! Wow!

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