tiistaina, kesäkuuta 30, 2015


On Saturday we had the GP special. I like the test, it's nice to ride even if it's a bit longer and harder for the horses. Solina did her best but we had some difficulties with the piaffe and with the transitions in and out. That dropped the score under 67%. We were still on the 8th place and qualified for the freestyle on Sunday!
The freestyle was Solina's first on the Gran Prix level. She had been so calm and relax though the hole weekend so I wasn't quit expecting what happened in the freestyle. She got so scared about the music because of course it was a bit louder and she didn't really know where to go. But one thing I'm very happy about: she did both piaffes better than the day before!
Overall it was a great weekend for us, to get all that experience and now we are one step closer to be a good horse-rider combination! 😄

perjantaina, kesäkuuta 26, 2015

Nordic Baltic Championships, Aalborg

So here we are, me, Solina and my groom Iina. It's very exciting to ride in these championships after many years and see so many other Finnish riders.
The vet check was on Wednesday and it went well for all Finnish horses. On Thursday was the Gran Prix and it was the team competition for the seniors. It has been very windy for 2 days already but that didn't bother Solina. She was concentrated and I had a nice feeling through the test. We got one bigger mistakes in one tempis but overall it was a good test and the score 69,18% was our best score so far internationally. I am very happy and pleased with Solina! 😄 Unfortunately as a team we were left without a medal. 2 of our riders were a bit unlucky, so our team score wasn't enough to beat Norway, Denmark or Sweden.
Today seniors will have a training day and tomorrow we continue with the special.