tiistaina, joulukuuta 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014 for everybody! Hope you have a nice time with your family and friends!

maanantaina, joulukuuta 16, 2013


The last show of this year for me was today with Sini Solina in Paderborn. It was a 2 day national show with jumping on Saturday and dressage on Sunday.
The class I rode was S* which is like Prix St. Georges but with less changes in serial changes. Solina was really tense as I walked or tried to walk around the arena on the break. In the warm up she got more relaxed but didn't quite let me ride her. The same continued in the test. She was constant and did her job but didnt give 100%. We made only one big mistake but that cost us the first place. We got 69,92% and that was 7 points less than the winner had. Anyway I'm happy to finish this year and start the next year with a new enthusiastic.
So enjoy your time preparing for christmas and let the new year come!

torstaina, joulukuuta 05, 2013

Time flies and it is already December. And soon enough it will be Christmas and new year. I haven't bought any christmas presents yet but I hope there will be time soon. I have been busy working at Hubertus' stables. Now when there are no shows for me I have more horses to ride than before.
Sini-horses are all good. Marieke is taking care of them. I've planned one more show for Solina in 2 weeks. It is just a small local show here in Paderborn but then the break won't be too long before her next show. She still needs routine what comes to the horse shows and travelling.
Oh, last week we got our first snow this winter! It didn't last long but it was there and everything were white for a moment. I hope we will get snow for Christmas. There is no Christmas without snow!
Take care,