torstaina, maaliskuuta 14, 2013

We are finally back at home. It was a long trip and a lot of happened but now the horses are happily back in their own stall and feeling well.
We wanted to leave on Monday at 5.00 a.m. We got everything packed on the day before and we just wanted to load the horses and take off. It didn't quite work that way. The truck didn't want to co-operate and I could't start the motor. I called MAN emergency number and they called us help. We needed to unload the horses and then we waited for somebody to come to fix my truck. We waited 3 hours until a man came. He worked 4 hours before it was safe enough for us to start our way back home. We loaded the horses again and left and got stuck before we got out from the stable area. At least there were still men to get us out with their tractors so we could finally leave. And almost 8 hours later than what we have planned we were on our way. It took us 12 hours to get to Offenburg where we stayed over night. Next day we left at 9 a.m because it was late last night before we went to sleep and we only had 460km left. Unfortunately the nature got this time on our way. The winter came back and there was the biggest snow chaos in Germany. It took us again 12 hours before we reached Etteln! I'm so happy that we are safe and the horses are fine after the long trip. Now it's time to rest!

lauantaina, maaliskuuta 09, 2013

Sini suprise

Wow, I have to say! Sini Spirit surprised me really! He was ignoring the rain and wind and the warm up arena which was under the water. We made a nice Gran Prix with no big mistakes and got 70,83%. One judge gave us 67% which was much less what the other judges gave us. But anyway if you think about the last indoor shows I did with Sini I'm very reliefed and proud of him now. And we ended second after Carl Hester!
There was one day break for him and then today we did the Gran Prix Special. This was our first time to ride the old GPS again. It fits to Sini because there is a lot of passage and transitios in the beginning. We had a mistake in two tempis but despite of that the test was good! We got 72,27% and ended up again second after Carl Hester! This was a really good beginning for this season and I'm looking forward to ride Sini next time in Hagen in April.

torstaina, maaliskuuta 07, 2013

Vidauban Wednesday

It's still raining.... I rode all the horses in the morning on the training arena which was totally under water. The last horse had the sand all over his body, also the bridle were covered by sand.
In the afternoon the rain stopped shortly and through the vet check we stayed dry. But as the last horse were ready and they opened the main arena, the rain started again. I wanted to walk with Sini and Dark Diamond still on the main arena even if I got wet once again.
Solina goes the Prix St. Georges at 10:19 tomorrow morning and with Sini I ride the Gran Prix at 16:54. Dark Diamond goes on Friday the second Gran Prix.

maanantaina, maaliskuuta 04, 2013


We left today early from Lyon where we stayed one night. It was 5 a.m when we load the horses and started our drive to vidauban. 5 hours later we reached our destination. It was sunny but very windy. We let the horses rest few ours before I took them out for a ride. I walked and jogged them a little and they all felt fresh and funky :) Of course a bit stif after a long trip but still they wanted to move.
Tomorrow we have the hole day time to rest and put all our stuff to their places in our tack box. And of course I will ride the horses and see how they are.

lauantaina, maaliskuuta 02, 2013

We have everything packed and ready for tomorrow. I will go sleep now so I can drive first. We have a long day ahead of us, over 900km to drive and hopefully no traffic! Tomorrow is sunday so at least there are no trucks on the highway. Let the journey begin!

perjantaina, maaliskuuta 01, 2013

The Latest News

So there is a lot to tell. We decided to go to Vidauban next week. It comes quickly but we got everything ready. I will take Sini Spirit, Sini Solina and Dark Diamond with me. We leave early on sunday morning and drive to hole day to Lyon where we stay over night. From there we continue to Vidauban on Monday. I'm very excited. Last year the show was wonderful and I have nice experiences from there. This year there are some other riders from Finland too so it's going to be fun to be there.