sunnuntaina, marraskuuta 27, 2016

Sini Soul's international GP deput

This weekend I had my first show here in Germany. I took Sini Soul to CDI4* in Oldenburg. It was his first international Gran Prix. He did a nice test except that I made a mistake in a zigzag half-passes and we placed 10th and got in to the freestyle. I had to borrow an old music from Sini Spirit because Soul hasn't got an own freestyle yet. He was a bit tired already in a second test but he really tried to do his best. I'm so happy with him and it was a first great show weekend back in Germany.

tiistaina, marraskuuta 15, 2016

Return to Germany

I will be back in Germany starting from the 16th of November. My new address is Stall Klövensteen in Schenefeld, Hamburg. I was based in England at Emile Faurie’s yard for a year. Faurie helped to school my younger horse Sini Soul up to GP level. This task ended earlier in Autum and I decided to put more effort in my own business as a rider. Stall Klövensteen is a training stable of 150 horses run by a combination of professionals: Jürgen, Kaarina and Kristina Böckmann as well as Wolfgang & Anja Schierloh and Rainer & Jessica Schwiebert.