sunnuntaina, kesäkuuta 05, 2011

Home again. It was a nice Weekend in Hamburg. The show was good organized, the surroundings were nice and the weather perfect. On Friday I rode Kaspar in intermediate II. The test was ok, we still have some difficulties with the piaff. Kaspar wants to do the piaff on one spot and it's hard for him to get out. So in the test he was doing nice piaff but jumped out and we lost there many points. Unfortunately we didn't qualify for the next day. On Saturday I rode the GP special with Happy. He got a little tired in passage and piaff tour but canter was without any mistakes. We got still 63.5% and got placed.

torstaina, kesäkuuta 02, 2011

Hamburg 2011


So, I'm in Hamburg now. I was supposed to ride Sini Spirit here but he is not in full training yet. He got this inflammation to his hind leg just before Hagen. Instead I took 10-year-old Happy Louis and 8-year-old Fürst Kaspar to the show. I have been riding Happy about 2 months now after he game to our stable. He is such a nice horse to ride and very uncomplicated. Today I rode the international Gran Prix with him. For the first time in such a big show he did well. Only some small misunderstandings but I'm very pleased. We got 66.3% and 13th place. We qualified for the Gran Prix Special which is on Saturday morning. Tomorrow I'm going to ride Kaspar in intermediate II. This is the first show in a long time for him and first show at this level.
Unfortunately I can't ride Sini Spirit in Finland in two weeks because the healing takes longer than we thought and I can't prepare him well enough to compete in such a short time.
I have to plan my show calendar again and make sure that Sini will be in top condition for the European championships.

Best regards Emma