torstaina, maaliskuuta 27, 2014


I finally have a date when I can start riding. I will start working again on 7th of April. I hope everythings fine by then and I really can start riding. I started to do gymnastic today with my finger. It is still stif and I can not make a fist and it hurts to bend it by I hope that all gets better by the time. By the way, we are making a new homepage for Team Sini Finland and if there is something what you want to read please let me know!

keskiviikkona, maaliskuuta 12, 2014

Sini Spirit in his favorite activity =)

Still a broken finger

So I went to see the doctor again. He said my finger looks better in the x-rays but it's not completely healed. I still have at least 2 weeks before I can start riding.
I miss riding. It is hart to stay at home or go to the stables and not get on a horse. I try to do something what I normally can't do when I'm working and don't have any extra time. I go to see my horses almost every day. They are fine and enjoying the german spring weather.