tiistaina, helmikuuta 25, 2014

A broken finger

I have bad news about myself. I fell from a horse and it was not bad at all but I think I got my finger stuck in the rains which is why my finger got broken. Everything has been a little bit chaotic and there has been a lot to organize but now a day by day it's all getting more clear. My groom is taking care of Sini-horses and riding them but so that they get an easier time now while I cannot ride. I still need 2 weeks before I can start  riding and that is if everything's fine. I need to hope for the best!

sunnuntaina, helmikuuta 09, 2014


The show with Solina went well. She was a bit spooky as we got a chance to show the arena to the horses. There were a lot of flowers and plants all around and on one long side were tables and chairs for the audience.
I was happy with the test. We got no big mistakes even if some flying changes were a bit tense but Solina felt much better than in the last show we had. We got 70,8% which is our best score so far and ended in the second place.
I've planned the next show for Solina in 3 weeks and that will be Prix St. Georges.

tiistaina, helmikuuta 04, 2014


Last week was a busy week. Hubertus wasn't there because he was training in Florida and I had two extra horses to ride. This week will hopefully be more quiet and we can go back to our normal routines.
I have a show coming on this Thursday with Solina. It's a national show nearby only 1hour away from us. She is doing fine at home. We have been training a little bit piaffe and passage and I have to say that sometimes we get some nice moments. Only the one tempi changes are more difficult at the moment. In the show I will ride her in s-class but I hope that sometime this year we will be ready to start Gran Prix. Just need to keep practicing! 😄