lauantaina, joulukuuta 10, 2016


We have settled down well. All my horses are feeling relaxed and happy in their new home. I started riding some horses from family Böckmann as well and I still need to unpack some of my stuff. So I have been busy but that is only good! There will be no more shows for me this year but we will start again in January in our own show here in Schenefeld. I´m so excited about the next year!

sunnuntaina, marraskuuta 27, 2016

Sini Soul's international GP deput

This weekend I had my first show here in Germany. I took Sini Soul to CDI4* in Oldenburg. It was his first international Gran Prix. He did a nice test except that I made a mistake in a zigzag half-passes and we placed 10th and got in to the freestyle. I had to borrow an old music from Sini Spirit because Soul hasn't got an own freestyle yet. He was a bit tired already in a second test but he really tried to do his best. I'm so happy with him and it was a first great show weekend back in Germany.

tiistaina, marraskuuta 15, 2016

Return to Germany

I will be back in Germany starting from the 16th of November. My new address is Stall Klövensteen in Schenefeld, Hamburg. I was based in England at Emile Faurie’s yard for a year. Faurie helped to school my younger horse Sini Soul up to GP level. This task ended earlier in Autum and I decided to put more effort in my own business as a rider. Stall Klövensteen is a training stable of 150 horses run by a combination of professionals: Jürgen, Kaarina and Kristina Böckmann as well as Wolfgang & Anja Schierloh and Rainer & Jessica Schwiebert.

tiistaina, syyskuuta 13, 2016

Sini Solin back in businesa

After a few months break I brought Sini Solina to a show to do gran prix. She felt better and more relaxed now and we made it through the test without bigger mistakes. We got 69,10% and won the class! I'm very happy about her. In 2 weeks I'm going to Finland to give a clinic in Erkylä. There's still some space left so if someone is interested they can contact me straight. I hope to see you there!

maanantaina, elokuuta 08, 2016

Sini Soul deputed in Gran Prix

I have some great news! Sini Soul is finally ready for the Gran Prix. The journey to this point wasn't that smooth and easy but we made it and I'm so happy now. 
We had an national show this weekend and did the Gran Prix test for the first time. Soul tried his best and was concentrated to do his job. It's not perfect yet but we got everything done nicely. There was some confusion in the second pirouette and some transitions were not smooth enough but overall a nice start to Soul's Gran Prix horse cariere.  We got 68,45% and won the class! What a debut!
I want to thank everyone in our team: the owner of Soul Sinituote Oy, my trainer Emile Faurie, the physio Tuula Pursiainen, the farrier Ben Benson, our vet Eamon McLaughlin and of course my family for the support. 

sunnuntaina, toukokuuta 22, 2016

Update about my horses

Hello and greetings from not so summer like-England
Sini Soul and Sini Solina haven't been competing since Joosland. Soul is working towards gran prix and he has been developing nicely. He does everything now but needs more strenght in passage and piaffe that he  could make through the hole gp test. I'm planning to show him first in intermediare II class in June and then go from there.
I had some issues with Solina and we needed to take a step back but now she is getting better again and I'm hopeful to show her again in June as well.
In the meantime Riverbank Sanrose has been doing a really nice jod winning 2 Prix St. Georges classes in row with 73,5% and 74,7%.