perjantaina, joulukuuta 28, 2012

Mechelen - GP Special

63,5% was not quite what I've expected. Sini was totally fine and relaxed in the warm up and as we went in to the main arena he just freezed. We have had some problems in the last indoor shows and I have to say I'm disappointed to end the year this way. Now I just need to sleep over one night or many nights and try to figure this out.

I wish you all a happy new year and thank you for reading my blog!


torstaina, joulukuuta 27, 2012

Mechelen 2012

So the Gran Prix didn't go so well but it was still better than in Stuttgart. Sini was spooky and unfocused most of the test and that is why we got some mistakes. We got 66,83% and are allowed to ride the special tomorrow. It starts at 12:12 p.m and I'm the first rider. Let see if I can get Sini more focused on me this time!

keskiviikkona, joulukuuta 26, 2012

Merry Christmas to everyone!

This year I had an unusual Christmas. I stayed in germany over Christmas days preparing Sini Spirit for a show in Mechelen. We left already today at noon and drove 370km to Mechelen in Belgian. It was good to drive. There were no trucks on the highway and also very little other traffic.
In the evening there was only the vet check which Sini passed. The riding I did already in morning at home. Our starting time tomorrow in the Gran Prix will be at 12:43. Wish me luck! :)