sunnuntaina, lokakuuta 13, 2013


I had a show with Solina on Thursday evening. It was a national S-class with only 14 starters. There was a prize-giving goons on as we went indoors to do the warm up. Solina got nervous and was so tense that I needed to walk and do posting trot longer to make her calm down. I was really happy how she relaxed in the warm up and how she let me ride her. Unfortunately just in the beginning of our test they had some problems with the mickrophone and it did some really lout voices that make Solina broke in to the canter few times, once in the extended trot. She got more relaxed again during the trott tour and the canter pirouettes were nice but there was still some tension in some of the flying changes. We got 67,46% just 8 points behind the winner! 

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