lauantaina, helmikuuta 11, 2012



I was happy that I could ride Sini one more time inside the white fences after Friday's tension. Today's Gran Prix doens't count for the Olympics but it matters to me. Sini was from the beginning much more relaxed than yesterday and that was a relief. In the test he was first a little bit concerned buy relaxed quite soon. We did a nice test with one mistake in the last piaff but otherwise I was very happy. The score 67,8% was not as good as I expected but it didn't matter. Sini won the class and we got to hear the Finnish national hymn!
With Donnelly I trained some movements and parts from my freestyle. Et voila had one more test where he was second with 65%. This trip is very good to him to learn to be a dressage horse.
Tomorrow is the last day and the freestyle.

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