lauantaina, helmikuuta 18, 2012

Vilamoura saturday

Today is our last day in Portugal. I rode Donnelly in GPS and Sini in freestyle. Donnelly lost his shoe again this morning but luckily the farrior was here and could put the shoe on immediately. Donnelly felt good in the warm up but I tried make him a little bit more going for the test and it worked. The test was better than the day before. I was happy with the halv-passes and pirouettes but in one tempis on the center line we made mistakes. The score 70,98% was enough for the first place. Also Sini did a really good freestyle! I'm very very happy. The score 74,75% was my best score so far in international GP freestyle. Sini was second in that class. I'm very proud of my horses! On sunday morning at 4 we wil load the horses and drive 900km to Valencia where we will stay one night and then continue to Vidauban. It's going to be a long trip again.

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