perjantaina, helmikuuta 03, 2012

Gran Prix

Sini was first horse to go at 9 in the morning. It was still very cold and as started to warm up my fingers and toes were already frozen. Sini was also very cold and he was very stif in the beginning. I did posting trot long and slowly we both got warm. Sini started his test quite well. The trot tour were good exept one mistake in the second extended trot. Piaff and passage he did also good. Passage good be better but for the first test it was enough. Then we got to the canter and the mistakes came after one other. Only small mistakes in the flying changes but very expensive ones. And then the last center line with passage and piaff was again really good. The score was 69,02% which I'm still happy about.
Next I started with Donnelly. He's starting time was later in the afternoon. The warm up was good, he felt relax and powerful. In the test I was able to ride him like in the training. We didn't get any big mistakes. There's still much we can make better but for so far it was our best test together. Score 70,57% and at that point we got the first place.
Heimliche Liebe was the last horse in the class. She was a little more tense than the day before maybe because of the strong wind. In inter II she stopped in the piaff so now I tried to put on her more pressure that she will piaff also in the test. It worked and she did 3 times nice piaff and good extensions. She got also really hot in the test but I managed to control her. I was very pleased with her. That was her first Gran Prix ever. We got all surprised when we heard the score: 70,59%! And she won! And I won for the first time DCI Gran Prix!
It was unbelievable to stand in the prizegiving ceremony and listen the national hymn from Finnland. So it was a perfeckt day: Liebe was the first, Donnelly the second and Sini was 6th.
Saturday is a day off. I will train all horses with Hubertus and then on Sunday we compete again.

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