keskiviikkona, helmikuuta 01, 2012

The day started like everyday so far: breakfast at seven, a half hour later to the stables and breakfast for the horses. During the horses eat we get water, mock out the boxes, take the night bandages off, sweap and then start to prepare the first horse for riding. Today I took Liebe first and then Et Voila. Liebe has the intermediaire II tomorrow so we trained some movements out of the test. When I rode the 2 horses my groom took Sini and Donnelly for a hand walk. After Et Voila we had lunch and so had the horses too. Sini's turn was after lunch and the last but not least was Donnelly. Again when I rode the 2 my groom took the other 2 out.
Tomorrow is going to be different. Liebe has a test and the other ones I'm going to train with Hubertus. He comes to help me for 4 days. The intermediaire II begins at 15:30 and Liebe is the third horse.

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