lauantaina, helmikuuta 18, 2012

Vilamoura Gran Prix

The day didn't start very well. In the morning when we took Donnelly out from the box we noticed that he almost pulled a shoe off from his hindleg and then stepped on it. He was a bit sore from the hoof as we took the shoe off. The ferrior came quickly but first we wanted to show to leg to a vet. That took a bit longer. The vet check the leg and said we should put the shoe back and then he'll check Donnelly again. This was only one hour before the class and Donnelly was suppose to go as first. The vet suggest that we talk to the judges that I chance my horses and start with Sini first. It was all okay but then we needed to make Sini ready in 15 minutes.everything went well and I was in time. Sini did a very nice test. There was only one bad chance in one tempis otherwise he did everything well. He got 70,17% and I was more than happy. Donnelly's starting time was later so he got time to rest and get to use to the new shoe. He was the second last horse to go and the fudding was already bab. Too deep in the corners and diagonals with holes. Donnelly had some troubles with the rhythm and was unbalanced. He got only 68,6%. At the end Sini was second and Donnelly fourth so the day got better!

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Laura kirjoitti...

Hei Emma! Koko Suomi (rohkea yleistys kouluratsastuspiireistä!) täällä seuraa teidän hurjaa kiriä olympialaiskarsintojen suhteen, taitavasti pidät jännitystä yllä ;) Oikein paljon tsemppiä ja HYVÄÄ onnea tuleviin koitoksiin, toivottavasti ahkera työ Lontoon kisoja varten kantaa hedelmää!