sunnuntaina, helmikuuta 05, 2012


I couldn't believe it, Sini was again at the beginning of the starting list. He was the second horse. It was the consolation Gran Prix for the horses who didnt qualify fot the special. The class started at 11 o'clock so it was not so cold anymore. From the beginning Sini was loose and relax and he stayed like that through the hole warm up. I was feeling very confident when I rode inside the arena. Sini did good piaff and passage, the hole trot tour was super, the zikzak and two tempis were good. Only in one tempis we made again mistakes. I was really happy after the test and the score 72,6% overwhelmed me. Our best test for a long time. I also rode Heimliche in the same class. I had to make her a little hotter to my leg that she will piaff again in the test. The passage were good and also I got the piaff but the one tempis didn't work out. She got the score 71,38% which was enough for the second place. And Sini won!! So happy that I could jump around and sing hallelujah :) Later in the afternoon was the GP special. Donnelly was the last horse to show. He feld quite good in the warm up. I was alone because Hubertus needed to catch his flight back to Germany. I made too many mistakes, one tempis were broken, in one passage-extended trot transition he cantered and some smaller things. He got 70,5%, still ok but I am little disappointed with the hole test. At the end he got the 4th place. On Monday it's going to be fee. The first testis again on Wednesday. Tomorrow I'm just going to walk the horses and ride few minutes posting trot that they don't get so stif after the hard week.

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