torstaina, helmikuuta 02, 2012

Hubertus came today and I trained Sini Spirit and Donnelly with him. They felt both much better than yesterday. It was the first day with Donnelly that I could train him almost normal. He still has been recovering from the transport.
Liebe had her first test today. It was Intermediate II. There were some nice parts in the test but both time in piaff she just stopped and the one tempis were not good. It was our second test together and already better than the first one. We scored 65,95% and ended on the 3rd place. It was a nice start for the show. And it got even better because Alexandra Malmström rode her Waterford on to the second place. Finland rules :)
Now I have to go to sleep! I need to wake up early bacause the gran Prix starts at 9:00 and Sini Spirit is the first horse to go.

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