perjantaina, kesäkuuta 28, 2013

Aachen Gran Prix

It was not my day... It all started well, the training in the morning was good and Sini got better and better. Also the warm up for the test in the afternoon went well, without any problems. That's why I'm chocked about what happened in the arena. Sini got his tung between the bits just in the beginning of the test. He tried to get it back but it didn't work out. There  was nothing I could do. Normally I should have stopped and go out without a result  but this was a team competition and Finland had only 3 members in the team so I needed to ride till the end and get a result for the team. 
Unfortunately our show now in Aachen is over. I'm not allowed to ride the GP special any more. So Marieke is going home with Sini and we need to make a new plan from now on till European championships. 

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