maanantaina, kesäkuuta 10, 2013

Finnderby Saturday&Sunday

Wow, what a Weekend! I wasn't expecting that kind of success! 3 first places and 2 times second. I'm really happy with both of my horses.
On Saturday in intermediaire I Solina was nice to ride and had a good expression but in the end she got a bit tense. We had two mistakes in the flying changes and the last transition from canter to trot got long. She had 67,7% and that was our first time winning on this level.
Fiaro got second just behind solina with 67,3%. I also had mistakes with him in the changes and he cantered after the salute in the beginning..
The last test was the intermediare I freestyle. Solina was the first one to go. She was already more tense in the warm up than the days before. And then next to the warm up was a vaulting show with loud music and applause so that didn't make it any easier for her. My freestyle music for her was Robbie Williams. The trot tour was still good but in the canter she got really tense. She got 65,1% from the first freestyle in her life.
For Fiaro I had the music from Transformers. The test was good, very nice trot tour and good parts in canter even if there were few small mistakes. He got 72,4% and won the class! :) yuppie!
Sini Spirit was in Ypäjä only two days for training. He will compete first time on Friday in Helsinki.

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