maanantaina, heinäkuuta 15, 2013

Lingen 12.-14.7.

It was a busy weekend. I had 3 horses and 6 test, 2 each day. I´m very pleased with the results and how my horses were to ride. Happiest I´m because of Sini Spirit. We have had our difficulties in Helsinki and in Aachen and I just tried to built up Sini´s confident in front of the audience again. So that is why I wanted to ride the Gran Prix without much pressure that Sini stays as relaxed as possible. Of course the passage and piaffe was not what he can do and then we also got some mistakes in the flying changes. But it was enough to continue to the special. Our result in Gran Prix was 67%. On the next day Sini felt still relaxed so I tried to put more pressure on him that he shows better passage and piaffe also in the test. It worked quite well. He let me ride him throuhg the hole test. There were still some mistakes but it was better than the day before. We got 70,4% and with that we got the on the fourth place! I´m also very happy about Fiaro Lacendos. I had him with me for the small tour. On the prix st. georges he did his best test ever and got 71,89%! We got second with that score! He also did very well in the intermediate I. Only one pirouette was not that good but still a very nice test and that gave us 70,5% and the third place. Also the third horse Capo, a 7-year-old holstein stallion, did well. He was on his first big show and he went now just the second and third time on Prix St. Georges level. I rode him in the Nürnberger Burgpokal qualifications. The first warm up test was not very good. He got too much behind my leg and didn´t react at all when I tried to keep him together. So I was prepared next time. The second test was much better. Only mistakes in four tempis, he did only 3 flying changes instead of 5. We got 68,34% which gave us the seventh place. Overall I had a nice weekend and I hope me and Sini are on the right way again!

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