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Helsinki Masters 2013

We drove to Helsinki on Wednesday early in the morning. We had first a training with Emile Faurie. He is the head coach for Finnish team now and he was supposed to train us 2 days and then also help in the warm up if needed.
I was very happy with my horses and he gave me some good tips :)
On Thursday I rode Sini Spirit for the first time in Laakso stadium where the show will be. He was quite tense but got little better by the time. Later in the evening I took him out again to walk around the warm up.
First test on Thursday was the Prix St. George. Fiaro was the first one to go. He was good in the warm up and the test was nice and he was more relaxed than on the show last weekend. We had only one small mistakes in 3 tempis and he got 68,8%.
Sini Solina was very nervous at first but got more relaxed during the warm up. She got tense again as my turn came and I started to ride around arena. Trot was still quite good, she got even 9 from the one half-pass! But the walk was not so good anymore, she was hurrying too much and in the canter she got tense and too hot again. Some parts were good but in both serial changes we had mistakes. In the end she got 65,48% and ended to the third place! Fiaro won that class!


The first class, intermediare I, started already at 7:30 a.m. Fiaro was again first horse on the starting list. I was really happy again with the test even if I got again one mistake in 3 tempis and one canter pirouette was not so good. He was still good to ride through the test and this was a good last ride with Fiaro here in Finland. We got 68,9% and Fiaro won again!
Solina was much better in the warm up than the day before but in the test she got so tense again. She didn't want to walk at all and the both canter pirouettes were broken because she changed behind. One good thing was that we made both serial changes without any mistakes! So there was still something good in that test. This time she got only 62,98% and ended up on the fifth place.
But then the day got even better. Even if the weather was not the most perfect and it was raining a little bit the Gran Prix was successful for us. I had I nice ride with Sini Spirit. There was one big mistake in the sic-sac and the last piaffe was not that good but for the first test after a longer break it was a good start for me and Sini. We got 70% which was enough to win the class. And as a team we got silver in the Nordic Baltic championships! The gold was also very close but at the end Denmark was little bit better. Sweden got bronze.
Tomorrow is the freestyle where we fight individual for the medals.

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