torstaina, elokuuta 09, 2012


I'm very happy about Tuesday. The all day was just wonderful. I got to wake up early that I could train Spirit once before the competition. He went really well! So I felt confident and relaxed before we started the warm up for our test. Spirit was doing well hole time and I had a good feeling to ride in to the arena. Through the hole test I was able to ride Spirit like in the training and now also the tempis were without mistakes. We got so far our best score from the GPS 71,889% and we were all very happy about that. Unfortunately it was not quite enough for the freestyle but anyway I'm very pleased about my first Olympic games and how they went for me. This was an amazing experience, my dream coming true and now I have to start dreaming of something new! :)

3 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Suorituksenne oli aivan huippu! Onnea ja menestystä tulevaan.

Laura kirjoitti...

Onnittelut Emma upeasta tuloksesta!! Hienosti ratsastettu ja on aivan upeaa nähdä suomalaisia ratsastamassa olympiakisoissa, puhumattakaan huipputulokseen venymisestä!!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Onnittelut Emma ja Spirit mahtavista olympiasuorituksista! Tuloslistasta huolimatta olette sohvakatsomon omat voittajat! Mikä parasta, toimitte myös innoittajana pienille ja isommille ratsastajanaluille.