lauantaina, elokuuta 04, 2012

Gran Prix the second day

It was exciting for me up to the end. I had to wait the final results to see if I qualified or not. And I did! I can ride the Gran Prix special on Tuesday and I'm more than happy! :) On Friday I just jogged with Spirit and went for hacking so he could have a little time of. Today we start our training again. I have go trough my test with Hubertus just to see what the judges said and where we have to work more. For sure I need to work on the serial changes!

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Laura kirjoitti...

Aivan upeaa, että olette jatkossa, kyllä täällä saaressa niemennokassa on jännitettykin! Tämä on jo voitto, mutta toivottavasti nälkää riittää edelleen.. :) paljon onnea ja onnitteluita!!