perjantaina, elokuuta 03, 2012

Gran Prix

Wow how amazing it was! Even if we got some mistakes in one and two tempis, I'm happy how Spirit was inside the arena. We had a good warm up and I tried to keep him focused on me and not on the audience and it worked! I'm really happy about the trot and passage tour and also the sicsac in canter and the pirouettes were good for us. The score 70,395% could have been better but with the mistakes I'm still happy that we got over 70%. Now we just need to hope that if that it is enough for the special.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Mahtavaa! Onnea Emma % Spirit semifinaalipaikasta! Tiukoille meni mutta onneksi pääsitte mukaan! (:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hello from the USA! Congratulations on your dressage performance, you and Spirit looked amazing! Even with the loud crowds and bad weather you kept him perfectly focused and showed the world a beautiful display of skill.

I would also like to applaud you for being one of only two individuals who chose to wear a safety helmet instead of a traditional top hat. You are a perfect example of how one can mix traditional equestrian style with modern safety equipment, even at the Olympic Grand Prix level.

Bravo! Hyvä!

Unknown kirjoitti...

Thank you for being a great role model and wearing your helmet for competition! It means a lot!!