torstaina, tammikuuta 26, 2012

Sunshine tour - the journey begins

Yesterday was a busy day. We put everything what we'll need for the hole trip together and packed all our stuff for horses, feed and hay into the lorry. There was a lot of stuff because I'm taking 4 horses with me: Sini Spirit, Donnelly, Heimliche Liebe and Equestricons Et Voila. The horses and my groom will drive with Johannsmann to Spain to Sunshine Tour.
Early this morning, 3 a.m. we made the horses ready for the transport. We load the horses and the lorry left 3.45 a.m from our stables. I need to stay for few more days at home and ride because Hubertus will not be there over the weekend and our other bereiter can't work because of the broken arm. I will fly afterwards to Spain. The lorry drove first to Aachen where they took one more horse with them and continued towards France. The first night they will spent near Lyon so the horses can sleep in a stall. So far everything went well.

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