tiistaina, tammikuuta 31, 2012

The first day

This morning we had here +2 degrees and I thought in Germany is cold! It was freezing outside and the windows from our car were frozen. We drive about 5 minutes from our hotel to the stables. Me and my groom went there at half past seven to feed the horses. They all looked hungry. While the horses were eating we reorganized out tack box. It was so full of stuff that we barely fit in. About 9:30 I started to ride. My plan today was to stretch the horses and make them loose after the long trip. Sini Spirit and Heimliche Liebe were fresh and Et Voila also started the warm up with bucking around the arena. Only Donnelly felt still tired and I didn't ride him too long.
After riding we wanted to find a place to eat lunch. The problem was that everything was closed, it was siesta.
Later in the afternoon I took Sini and Liebe out for a walk and my groom handwalked Donnelly and Et Voila. Tomorrow ist the vet check and before that I'm going to ride the horses.

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