lauantaina, tammikuuta 07, 2012


We arrived to the show ground after 5 hours drive in the storm. The wind was really strong and I was able to drive only 60 or 70km/h. There was a big surprise waiting for us: only 2 boxes for my 3 horses. I took Donnelly und Heimliche Liebe with me for training. I took almost an hour to organize one box more and in that time there were other trailers and lorries which were parked too close to our lorry that we could't take our horses out. All dressage riders had to come on the same time because they were not aloud to come on Wednesday because of the weather. That's why there were totally chaos also during the vet check. So we didn't have the best start for our show. After vet check I trained with all my horses. Sini felt fine and relaxed.

On Friday morning I took Sini out for a walk inside the main arena. At first he was a bit spooky but settled down quite well. The Gran Prix was in the evening. Sini was good in the warm up but just before we went my groom noticed blood in Sini's mouth. We wiped it away but unfortunately Sini's mouth got a little pink again during the test and the judges had to disqualify me. Such a bad luck! I'm totally disappointed because this was a really important show for us. Now there's even less shows where I can get the points for Olympic games. Now I need to sleep over one night and then we have to start to make new plans for next 2 months.

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