keskiviikkona, elokuuta 04, 2010


Hi everybody!

I'm now home in Finland with my horses Sini Spirit and Sini Solina. My plan is to ride here the finnish championships witch are 6.-8. of August in Hyvinkää.
I left from Germany last week on Saturday. I drove my lorry by myself to Travemünde and then we took the ferry to Helsinki. We arrived on Monday morning. The first 2 days I took the horses out for walking and I made only a light warm up with them. They both felt really fresh and loose, not stif at all. Today I trained the both horses for the first time after the trip. The training went well. Solina is going to compete on Friday and Sini will go on Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to the show at my home arena and I'm really happy that after 4 years I can ride in Finland again. See you all there!


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