keskiviikkona, kesäkuuta 09, 2010


The show in Lingen was a really nice and good organized. We arrived on Friday afternoon because of the vet check and then I wanted to show the main arena to Sini Spirit. I took my mare, Sini Solina, also with me to the show. I want to train her somewhere else than at home and it's good for her to see new things too. Gran Prix was on Saturday and I started at the beginning. Sini felt good in the warm up and was super relaxed. Unfortunately when we went in to the main arena Sini got tense. He was not really listening to me anymore and wanted to look around only. The first part of the test he was hurrying and we made few mistakes. After the walk he got a bit more relaxed and the canter tour was the best we have made so far. I was happy that my one and two tempies were without mistakes! It was too bad that we got so low score and couldn't compete anymore on Sunday. Now we are home and after few easy days we get back to work and we start to look forward to the next show.

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