perjantaina, lokakuuta 04, 2013

Greetings from Etteln

We have had a real autum weather. Sunny, cold and windy. I am still trying to ride outdoor as much as possible and the horses are going out for pastures. 
Sini Spirit is feeling fine! He is enjoing his free time now after Herning. He is going out for the field every day and he got already a real fluffy hair. I'll ride him too but we don't train in any show at the moment.
Solina is step by step getting better. We had a good training today as Emile Faurie, our team coach was here in Germany to see us. He was also very pleased to see that Solina is getting stronger and she is taking more and more weight on the hindlegs. We still have a lot to do. I have planned 2 more shows with her in October. The first one is on next Thursday. 
Best regards Emma

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