perjantaina, elokuuta 23, 2013

Big disappointment

So this was not our show. Somehow Sini doesn't like Europeans... I was well prepared for this show and I had a good feeling and I did everything I could but it was not enough. Sini was good in the warm up and calm when we walked from the warm up to the arena and also the first trott part was good . But then he started to get too tense and he was only running away under me so I had some difficulties to keep him with. We got some very expensive mistakes and then the judges started to give not so good points from the movements which were still good. But anyway I am really disappointed and unhappy with the result and that I can not ride the special any more. I think we still be staying here and cheer up for Henri as he is the only one who still can continue riding.
So that is how the life is. Sometimes we have disappointments and sometimes we can celebrate. Sometimes there are tears for saddness and sometimes tears for happiness. I will lift my head up and start looking forward. I still have my memories from London and from Kentucky, the best experiences with Sini ever. 

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