maanantaina, heinäkuuta 30, 2012

Part 5

Hello hello,

Today we were allowed to ride in the stadium but only for 15 minutes! There were no white fences yet so there were a lot of space to ride around. The stadium was amazing and it is really big! I walked Spirit first and let him look around. Then I did only some posting trot and I was quite happy how he felt. He was not as nervous than yesterday and also more relaxed.
In the afternoon we had our second training time and that was in the warm up arena. There Spirit was also better Danny yesterday but I could still feel some tension in his body. I'm happy that we still have days left before our first start.
The gross-country was today. I walked the hole course and saw the fences. I'm happy that I chose dressage! The course was hard, a lot of up and downhills and some difficult fences. Later I watched the conpeticion and I was interesting to see how the riders manage to ride their horses wisely up till the end. I have to say: it's not easy.

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