torstaina, heinäkuuta 26, 2012

Part 2

Everything's good so far. We are now on the ferry from Calais to Dover. I rode today in the morning. We did only some light work and then we started the engines again. We drove 260km to Caleis and now it will take 1,5 hours with the ferry to Dover. Then we still have about 2 hours drive to Coolham where Kyra has her stables.
It's a beautiful weather but too hot for the horses to travel. Yesterday it was over +30 when we left home and now it is almost as hot.

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Sirpa, Bob and Pippa kirjoitti...

We are very excited to see you competing in Greenwich and we wish you lots of good luck!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

tsemiiii emppu :) täällä ootan jo innolla millon sun 'urakka' alkaa :)

t hanna :)