torstaina, lokakuuta 08, 2015


Hello everybody and greetings from Milton-under-Wychwood where now is my new home! We left to our journey 2 weeks ago. The trip was long and exhausting but everything went smoothly and we arrived safely. Sini Solina and Sini Soul which I took with me were tired but in good health after the trip. They have settled down into their new stables very well.
I have been very busy finding me a place to stay and get everything organised. Luckily I found an apartment really close to the Farm were the horses are. And finally I moved in. There's still a lot of boxes lying around waiting to get emptied. But it has to wait. This weekend I'm going back to Germany to pick up my car. So far I just been riding the bike ūüėä
I'm feeling very good about this new part of my life and can't wait to see what it brings to me.

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