perjantaina, elokuuta 14, 2015

Aachen Gran Prix

I had a very nice feeling last days and Solina was going well in the training. Also the warm up for the Gran Prix test went well and Solina stayed calm. As I rode in to the main arena she got a bit nervous but I tryed to keep her concentrated. It worked in the beginning until the halt and reinback. Solina started staring something and she didn't notice me anymore. So it took a while before I got her to do the reinback and then it was hurried. After that the test went on nicely. We had a nice piaffe and passage tour and got some good marks. In the canter we had two bigger mistakes but the pirouettes and the one tempis were great. I was still quite confident as we reached the last center line. I was in the last piaffe little bit too long and Solina got tired and I couldn't make her to go out early enough and then she noticed the audience and started cantering. I couldn't make her to calm down that quick and then we missed the last passage. It was such a shame! We had some eight's but from the last passage we got 0. Totally 64% which was not enough for the semifinal. I'm still happy that we had this experience. Solina is 12 but she is still very green and needs to see many arenas and go to many shows and get some routine.

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