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I spent the last weekend with my girls Sini Solina and Heimliche Liebe in Wiesbaden. There was CDI4* tour and I must say that it is a very nice show. The main arena is just in front of the castle which looks wonderful!
On Saturday was the Gran Prix where I was the first rider starter with Liebe. She did a nice test until the one tempis. We got some mistakes and then she got very nervous on the las center line just before the piaffe. So there we lost many points and in the end got only 64%.
Solina did also a nice job. She was a bit worried about everything what was happening outside the arena but did everything what I asked her to do. Only in  both serial changes we made mistakes because she was not as concentrated as she should have been. The result 66% was enough to qualify for the GPS.
With Liebe I was also allowed to ride again. I did the freestyle with her and it was in Sunday night under the floodlight. Very exciting! She was really good and totally with me trough the hole test. We got 72,100% and were on the 7th place! I beated Hubertus, my boss, with 2 points!!! 
On Monday was the last test for me with Solina. She feld good in the warm up and in the test she was going better than ever. So that's why I don't know what happened in the first piaffe. Maybe she saw something and got scared and that's why she was rearing shortly but continued after that like nothing happened. Of course we got bad points from the piaffe and the transitions and unfortunately it effected also to the under scores. So our total score was only 64%. It was very interesting weekend and Solina showed that she can do internationally over 70% but she still needs lots of routine and self-confidence.
Have a nice week everybody! 

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