maanantaina, huhtikuuta 06, 2015

Stadl Paura

A nice weekend in Stadl Paura, Austria, is turning to an end. Tomorrow will be the last test for me and Lord of Lennox.
I left home on Thursday with Sini Solina and Lennox and after 10 hours I arrived to the Pferdecentrum-Stadl Paura. The horses were both very fresh and happy. On Friday I had the vet check only for Solina and then training with both of them. On Saturday was the Gran Prix for the special which I rode with Solina. I was riding her too carefully in the test and she got a bit unsure what to do. Therefor we had some uncertainties in transitions and then the one tempi changes didn't work out. Our score were just above 64% but we still made it in to the special. Then today I really tried to support and help her through the test and she was also much better. The Gran Prix special is a very long test and Solina got really tired towards the end. That's why the last center line was hard for her and there we lost many points. Our score was 66,098% and we were on the 10th place. The first international ribbon for Solina!

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