sunnuntaina, helmikuuta 08, 2015


I had my first show this year in Ankum. Sini Solina did her very first Intermediaire II and got 72,28%!!!! I'm sooooo happy! She got third and Flynn placed just after her, fourth. He got 70,96%. Solina did a nice test with some highlights in the trot and passage tour. I was so suprised how well she handled the show situation after a longer break. 

The next day both of the horses started once again. I cannot describe how happy I am right now! Sini Solina won her first short Gran Prix with 70,86%. I couldn't even dream about that kind of a start on a higher level. And later on Flynn got second in young horse Gran Prix with 71,3%.

It was such an amazing weekend and a good start for this coming season!

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