tiistaina, joulukuuta 23, 2014

Greetings from Finland!

It has been a TRIP to Finland. We were supposed to fly on Sunday evening but we missed the plane because there was an accident on the highway. We got to the airport only 15 minutes too late! And that was the last flight to Finland that day. We tried to change our flights to the next day but there was no space left until Wednesday afternoon. I was so disappointed because I have been waiting this trip so long and now we are not able to fly until Christmas Eve!
We stayed at the hotel at the airport and tried to find new flights for us. Luckily we found another flights from another airplane company. We got flights with one stop in Copenhagen.
Finally we landed in Finland and we were waiting for our luggage. Mine came out but my boyfriend's luggage never appeared. Now after almost 30 hours waiting we got a message that his bag has arrived at the airport in Helsinki. What an exhausting trip this was so far. I hope that the rest of our holiday we don't have to worry a thing and we can relax and enjoy the Christmas with my family.

Have a very merry Christmas!!!

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