tiistaina, syyskuuta 02, 2014

Time flies

Hello everybody!

Greetings from Etteln! The days pass by quickly when there's a lot to do. Unfortunately I couldn't be in the finish team for WEG because the horse Lord of Lennox which got the needed qualifications got injured. So I was following the games for home.
Sini Solina is going well. She is getting more solid in her piaffe and passage and we are working hard on the tempi changes. If I want her to be my horse for Rio then she has to go Gran Prix next year. I'm really optimistic about that but we still have to work constantly and hope that there won't be any injuries on our way.

Also there has been more changes in our daily basics. My groom Marieke is not working for me any more. I'm on my own at the moment. So I was struggling to get along by myself the hole august but now I am slowly getting it all organized. I had to get use to do things again differently and make good plans to minimize the wasted time.

This week is Bundeschampionat in Warendorf and I have one 5-year-old to show there. It is always fun to be there and the show is amazing with so many interesting horses. And you get to see the people you haven't seen for a long time because they all are gathering around. So I'm looking forward to that!

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