keskiviikkona, kesäkuuta 25, 2014


I'm driving to Perl-Borg for this weekend to show Lord of Lennox in the CDI 4* and Capo in the small tour.

There has been some changes in our daily basics. I won't compete with Sini Spirit anymore. He is now leased to Phillip who is a young rider at our barn and who will ride and take care of Spirit for now.  Sini Soul and Solina are in good health and Spirit is enjoing his life on the field and the easy training with Phillip.

I'm still working long days and was away a lot to compete and also few times in South Korea to help one of our clients with his qualifiers for the Asian Games. I also train and support one Indian girl with her two horses who also qualified for the Games.

Sorry about the delayed update! Will give you more news soon!


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