keskiviikkona, huhtikuuta 10, 2013

The book

I did a short trip to Finland yesterday. It was about publishing a new book which is telling the story of me and Sinituote. The story about how it all started, how I met Monica and Ilkka Brotherus, how our co-operation began and how we reached our goal, the Olympic Games in London. The writer is a finnish freelance journalist Margit Ticklen who also took most of the pictures in the book. Some of the photos were also taken by Ilkka Brotherus himself during our journey. I'm very touched and overwhelmed about this big suprise. I hope the book encourages other sponsors to get involded in riding because the long-term co-operation is possible, it is rewarding and worthwhile for all partners. I am very thankful that Sinituote made it all possible for me.

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