lauantaina, maaliskuuta 09, 2013

Sini suprise

Wow, I have to say! Sini Spirit surprised me really! He was ignoring the rain and wind and the warm up arena which was under the water. We made a nice Gran Prix with no big mistakes and got 70,83%. One judge gave us 67% which was much less what the other judges gave us. But anyway if you think about the last indoor shows I did with Sini I'm very reliefed and proud of him now. And we ended second after Carl Hester!
There was one day break for him and then today we did the Gran Prix Special. This was our first time to ride the old GPS again. It fits to Sini because there is a lot of passage and transitios in the beginning. We had a mistake in two tempis but despite of that the test was good! We got 72,27% and ended up again second after Carl Hester! This was a really good beginning for this season and I'm looking forward to ride Sini next time in Hagen in April.

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Hienoa Emma ja Sini! Seuraan ja jännään aina täällä kotikatsomossa miten teidän käy kisoissa (: Olet mun idoli ja esikuva!