maanantaina, lokakuuta 17, 2011



I had a nice show weekend with my new horses Lento and Donnelly. I started with them for the first time in Gran Prix and in Gran Prix Special. Lento I have been riding about 3 months and Donnelly just 4 weeks!
For everyone's surprise Lento won the Gran Prix. He was little tense in the walk and and one flying change in ziksak was short but otherwise I was really happy about him. He scored 67,9%. Donnelly ended on fifht place. We made some big mistakes and that make the % low.
Lento was the first horse to start in the special. He made really nice job and was always concentrated on me. We got some short changes in 2 tempis but the rest of test test wasgood. He got 69.5% and won again! With Donnelly I was also happy. He was better to ride and piaff and passage went better. Mistakes in one tempis between the pirouettes and in extented trot were expencive.
The long drive was worth it!


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