torstaina, kesäkuuta 02, 2011

Hamburg 2011


So, I'm in Hamburg now. I was supposed to ride Sini Spirit here but he is not in full training yet. He got this inflammation to his hind leg just before Hagen. Instead I took 10-year-old Happy Louis and 8-year-old Fürst Kaspar to the show. I have been riding Happy about 2 months now after he game to our stable. He is such a nice horse to ride and very uncomplicated. Today I rode the international Gran Prix with him. For the first time in such a big show he did well. Only some small misunderstandings but I'm very pleased. We got 66.3% and 13th place. We qualified for the Gran Prix Special which is on Saturday morning. Tomorrow I'm going to ride Kaspar in intermediate II. This is the first show in a long time for him and first show at this level.
Unfortunately I can't ride Sini Spirit in Finland in two weeks because the healing takes longer than we thought and I can't prepare him well enough to compete in such a short time.
I have to plan my show calendar again and make sure that Sini will be in top condition for the European championships.

Best regards Emma

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